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Classical Conversations is one big family, and no matter what your family or city or state’s situation might be, we can tell you confidently that we will be here to support you no matter what the health restrictions in your area.

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We provide a platform that parents can use to envision the future and holistically develop their children, allowing them to truly thrive.

The value of a classical conversations community

  • Homeschooling made doable
  • Support for Kindergarten through college credit
  • Friendships to support parents and children in homeschooling
  • Meeting together regularly to learn, but also to live
  • Weekly support network to homeschool for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Discounted online resources and tools to support you
  • Free summer training for all parents
  • Positive socialization
  • Consistency
  • Supplemental support for standardized testing, transcripts, and college prep
  • Trained leaders to encourage you and help with accountability
  • Long-term stability – Classical Conversations has been around for over 22 years

Why become a director?

  • Ensure you have a community to help you to educate your own family
  • Provide a program for others who can’t step into leadership right now
  • Become a better teacher for your own children
  • Impact future world-changers
  • Ability to impact the location and calendar for the program
  • Free training and equipping
  • Access to specialized resources:
    • Videos, documents, webinars, and more for leading your program
    • Discussion forums with other Directors to share and learn
    • Support from a local Support Representative
    • Academic support from Classical Conversations’ Home Office
    • Specialized training
    • Director-specific communications
  • Income to offset your homeschooling program costs
  • Occasional bookstore discounts, offers or coupon codes
  • Discounted access to CC Connected, an online community of home educators where you can share ideas, download resources and interact with other homeschool parents, for the fall semester for all Foundations/Essentials Directors

Our mission is to know God and to make Him known therefore we aspire to develop minds and souls.

You can become a director!

Consider what you would gain from directing your own Classical Conversations’ community, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Still have questions? Contact us to chat to someone who can assist you on this journey.