Dear Homeschool ‘Doubting Thomas Mommy’,

7 June 2022

First things first! Matthews 22:14 says, “many are called but few are chosen!” Rest Assured, because many may have been called into the ministry of education and parenting but very few chose the opportunity to fully influence the fruits of their wombs in the manner of which we do. It is because of God’s favour upon our lives that we get to pick and choose the direction that our children’s educational journey takes. We get to be God’s helpmates in the ordering of their steps daily and the planting of the seeds of salvation and righteousness through Christ. 

Having said that; I will be the first to admit that half of the time, my kids’ behaviour doesn’t make me feel highly favoured or blessed! Some days I feel my faith being trialled and tested by my blessings from God; I whisper short prayers for strength with every breath I take. Then one of them will come out of nowhere, quoting bits and pieces of James 1:19, which usually goes something like, “mommy you need to be slow to anger and quick to forgive”. Then one will look me square in the face and quote the fruits of the spirit in one breath. Some days, I feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit through their broken scripture quotes BUT on other days, I feel plainly bible bashed by my very trials and tribulations in that moment!!! 

But all of these doesn’t take away from Psalm 127:3, which says that “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him”. Making us the stewards of this gifts, entrusted to us by heaven, to teach them God’s ways while praying that they will never depart from them. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth, so said God’s word in Psam127:4. Let’s aim these arrows well! Truth be told, we will without a doubt hit or miss the mark or target now and then! But we will pick up our bows and arrows, then we soldier on; We will lose some and win others, but we should never stop praying for better days. Some misses are a bigger mess than others and sadly we’re wired to magnify our misses and minimize our hits. As much as we make corrections, lets balance the equation by celebrating the hits, whether big or small. Ohhh Dear mommy, learn to reward yourself for making it through the week! 🙂 The “Doubting Thomas syndrome”, had the best of me until I had to spend an entire year in the school environment. Me and my kids went through so much in those few months and if I ever needed a confirmation sign for the continuation of our home-schooling journey, that was it. It truly felt like God’s reassurance to me and mine. I took time to observe and experience, then my conclusion was that what works for others, doesn’t work for me! And what’s best for someone else, might just be the worst for me and THAT’S OKAY!!! It was for me a classic case of “EACH TO THEIR OWN.” 

Dear Homeschooling ‘Doubting Thomas’ mommy, when it’s all said and done; The truth remains that, we don’t know it all; neither do we have it all figured out or even have all our ducks in a row. We simply receive new mercies at the dawn of each day, coupled with grace sufficient to the demands of that specific day. Today’s grace is only enough for today’s demands, so stay in the moment. Leave yesterday behind and let tomorrow worry about itself, take each day as it come. May we always trust the one who trusted us with this journey! 

A journey of Love, Grace, Purpose and Perfect Imperfection. 

And remember that, you were CHOSEN FOR A TIME SUCH AS THISSSS… 

Love & Blessings 

Tshegofatso Malope 

CC Mom 2022

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