Deep Roots Never Doubt Spring Will Come

23 September 2021

The furry yellow ducklings hatched and within 10 hours were happily wading in the pond where we live.  Armies of froglets on their mothers backs parade on the outskirts of the pond in the early hours of each morning.  Bursts of blossoms awaken the deep rooted trees and plants from their dormancy of winter as spring rushes in, and so we too must be awakened with renewed energy to lead and teach our young ones.

It’s true what Marty Rubins said, ‘the deep roots never doubt spring will come’

It’s been a long year and a half, or maybe longer, of what has felt to some of us like a hum drum wintery wilderness season that has affected us body, soul and spirit.  To others, it might have been a time of rest, reassessing and refocusing. Maybe it’s been an amalgamation of them all.

Homeschooling became the new normal for many and for others it has always been their normal.  Through the strange uncertainty of Covid, you and I the rooted trees, maybe questioned every once in a while if our roots would actually hold us firmly down.  Maybe there were times when we lost hope that spring would come?

But spring has come! It’s a revealing of change, new life, resurrected life, a lifter-of-our-heads kind of season.

Winter is no more, the seeds inside of us have survived and our roots have never stopped growing, slow growth and sometimes unseen, but still growth.  We have spent long days together with our children, built, created, listened to them, played with them, rested with them, sorted out quarrels, learnt from them, truly observed them, enjoyed them, experienced exhaustion sometimes, memorised those latin songs like pros, appreciated the CC zoom days together, found creative ways to connect with one another, because the winter gave us this one special thing, uninterrupted time to be home, with ourselves and as a family, the Covid traffic light stuck shining red, a stopping to awaken us to what truly matters and what doesn’t.

Our children grow differently in each season and we should celebrate them even if we can’t see the fruit of the deep roots quite yet, they may only be revealed in the next spring season or the one after that. Take heart, rest, keep going, rest, drink that coffee, keep nurturing, rest,

read a book together, keep watering, rest, keep encouraging, pray and keep hoping, because their spring time will come.

The depth of our roots are always being tested through the wintry conditions. This testing is grace.

The meaning of grace: ‘An undeserved receiving of something from someone in order that we pass it on until the environment around us begins to change drastically.

As a tree, I want to utilise the time given to me in each season, receiving heavenly wonder through the winter waiting and not weariness, in order that my everything is ready for the change that spring brings to my environment.

It must be life-giving because the next generation always watches and learns from us.

Winter is not a waste, for in spring the fruit we taste.

Spring is not a silent season either.  It encompasses unique songs from all creatures great and small but the songs of unique must be realised and released in both you and I and our children. Not one-hit-wonder songs but wondrous ones that hit the atmosphere with the new.  I love the fact that in Classical Conversations we learn through songs, it becomes a habit to sing!

Spring is also a most fragrant season! Let’s allow ourselves to be delighted with the scents of sweet peas, tulips, hyacinths, daisies, daffodils, camellia, azaeas, rhododendrons, jasmine, flannel flowers, magnolias, lilacs, lily of-the-valley as they bloom around us.  Stop and smell the flowers, pick a few with your children and set them in vases in your home, create spaces of natural beauty.

Each one of us exudes a special fragrance, may our aroma smell of hope, faith and joy, overcoming, perseverance, peace, love, grace and mercy and let the conversations flow through the day with our children about seasons.  What things should end so others can begin. Talk about the value of growth in hard places where we feel we don’t see fruit, like the growing of roots under the surface, while the tree branches remain bare.

Let us be found undoubting and deeply rooted in the Vine, Christ, who daily gives us our essential nutrients and water needed to grow.  Whose sweet fragrance reminds us that spring always comes and that He is the one who holds us all on this wild and wonderful homeschooling journey .

May these words of encouragement put the spring back into your steps to walk without a wobble in all He has called you to this season.

By Liesel Abadir, CC Mom 2021

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