Director Story – Annali Rudman

4 October 2021

I am Annali Rudman, Director of CC Klerksdorp.

I first heard about Classical Conversations when I had attended an information meeting conducted by the amazing Nel Brace, director of CC in Potchefstroom in 2018. She was kind enough to drive through to Klerksdorp to accommodate the Klerksdorpians who were curious about this Curriculum.

From the onset I was hooked! The only hiccup at that time: there had never been a community in Klerksdorp. After much prayer, conversations with my husband and questions directed to Nel Brace and Sophie Berndt, I decided to avail myself as Director for Klerksdorp. If it had not been for Nel, Sophie and Jen Hanekom, I would not have considered this. They were at all times incredibly patient and gracious, kind and accommodating, supportive and encouraging even if I had a million questions each time I approached them. The wisdom of their counsel strengthened me and their assurance that they were always available should I need guidance, gave me so much confidence.

CC of Klerksdorp had a humble beginning with only 6 families in 2019.
What a blessing! We only had 2 Tutors and none of us had ever been directors or tutors of anything or for anyone😄. We learned together and made mistakes along the way, but through it all, the fabric of what CC is and represents knitted us together. We are now in our third year, the number of families have just about tripled and I am still astounded at he way God is adding to this community.

I stand amazed at how children and families in my community connect, and how they started supporting one another. I am dumbfounded when I observe the children – who hid behind their moms during presentation time 2 years ago – now speak with boldness and eloquence.

I thank God for the spiritual growth I notice in the Moms as well as the children because of CC’s unashamedly Christian worldview. I am in awe of what this Curriculum had taught (and is still teaching) me and my own children; it opened up a new world to me! Learning alongside them has become such a joyful experience.

Although it has it’s challenges, like anything else, directing this incredible Community has broadened my horizons, given me a new love for people and has enriched my life profoundly. Ilse-Marié Smith with her quiet, calm strength has now connected the Directors as well, and so we can share in each others trials and triumphs – with CC we are never alone

When I get to see the little faces on a Friday Community day and hear the joyful shrieks when they run and play with their friends or when they send me voice messages telling me they miss me, the break is too long and “when can we do CC again?” Then my heart just smiles and I echo the words of the Psalmist: “Thou hast done great things whereof we are glad”

Therefore I can without a doubt recommend directing a CC Community to any Mom willing to do it – there is never a lack of support, encouragement and love.

I have never regretted the decision to direct this community. It has added unspeakable value and joy to my life!

God is always only GOOD!

Annali Rudman
CC of Klerksdorp

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