If students remain in Classical Conversations to Challenge IV, will they be able to get into university?

9 August 2021

A student in South Africa can obtain an American Diploma as their school leaving certificate, which happens also to be recognized by universities world-wide. The great news is that USAf (Universities of South Africa) has informed the RSA homeschooling community that the American Diploma is now also accepted for direct admission to RSA universities (since 2021). It does nevertheless remain the responsibility of parents to contact the university departments of choice and check for specific admission requirements.

To obtain an American Diploma, your child will NOT have to write any additional exams.CC works with HomeLife Academy (HLA), which is the umbrella group that helps homeschooling families around the world and in the U.S. to obtain their American Diplomas. The CC program credits is already set out with HLA thus as parents,your responsibility remains to ensure your child meets the requirements for each program credit.

To give an indication of the high standard of the Challenge program, an American Diploma requires a minimum of 22 credits (24 credits if university-bound). Challenge levels 1-4 provide a total of 29.5 credits. However, even students who turn 15 during their Challenge A or B year, can obtain enough credits to earn their American Diploma by the year they turn 18. They will just have fewer credits overall and if they choose to end after Challenge II (at 18 years old), will miss out on Challenge levels III and/or IV (which are considered college level studies in the U.S!)

Lastly, at Classical Conversations, we believe that the purpose of education is to know God and to make Him known. However, seeking to honour God also means pursuing excellence in education. Classical Conversations is growing fast, and is now in over 51 countries. Classical Conversations graduates in USA have achieved higher mean exam scores in every subject tested than the national average. Since an exam is designed to test the student’s knowledge, we are confident that any good education will equip the student to pass an exam. Classical Conversations has proven its academic excellence, yet our focus is not the exam, but the celebration of the love of learning, and a renewed appreciation of God’s splendour.

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