What about socialisation?

9 August 2021

No parent wants their child to be unable to communicate well or to be uncomfortable in company. As parents, it is our greatest hope that we set our child up for success and confidence and to take their place in society. In a typical school setting a child spends all formative years in a class of thirty people his own age. As he moves up through the years, the one or two classes become five, six, seven or more. They become the ‘year group’. But when in life is this situation replicated, where one’s peers are entirely made up of a mass of people with the same birth year? Once we leave school, all environments call us to mix with all ages. School is the exception, not the rule.

In contrast, Classical Conversations communities are made up of people of all ages. Communities meet once a week for at least half the year. Every week, every student in Foundations gives and listens to presentations. Regular presentations continue through the secondary school years. At Classical Conversations, we welcome you as we strive to become more civilised, not merely socialised.

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