What is the benefit of having one director for all six seminars?

9 August 2021

Classical Conversations’ directors acknowledge that Christ is the Creator and the sustainer of all areas of study. The beauty of staying with the same director all day is the student is able to observe the director weave the various seminars together and learn how the various areas of study are intertwined. Being with the students across all subjects helps directors mentor each student as a whole person. One director writes, “I think being with the students across all the subjects helps me love them. Perhaps they aren’t great writers, but they are brilliant in Latin, and they can quote a Bible verse for any occasion, so it’s easier to appreciate that God made us all different, and He is wise… It gives you patience: a patience that doesn’t communicate that students can slide, a patience that communicates, ‘I know you’ll get this; you’re going to be great; I’ll do what I can to help you get there.'”

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