What makes the Challenge Program “classical”?

9 August 2021

A classical education capitalises on the fact that we learn in three stages:

  • We memorise the vocabulary and basic facts related to a subject. This is called the grammar stage.
  • We learn to sort, analyse, and understand the vocabulary and facts. This is called the dialectic stage.
  • We can apply our understanding to the subject in the form of teaching the subject, writing original papers, giving original speeches, or solving problems. This is called the rhetoric stage.

Challenge Programs offer students practice in all three stages of learning so that they can teach themselves any subject. They memorise information, sort, analyse, and understand the information, and finally have the opportunity to apply the information as they write original papers, give persuasive speeches, solve problems, and lead seminars themselves. The opportunity to take their learning to the rhetorical level is the fulfilment of all previous learning and makes education rewarding and meaningful.

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