Why does Classical Conversations require students to attend all six seminars?

9 August 2021

All domains of knowledge inform each other and our understanding of the Lord, creation, and humanity. We reject fragmented education that says: “I’m a maths person” or “I’m a literature person.” Homeschool parents teach all subjects at home. Classical Conversations seeks to provide a model in seminar, one day a week, for what it looks like to learn and lead in all subject areas, showing how they fit together. Just as interruptions disrupt at-home learning, we believe that students arriving and leaving between seminars distracts and disrupts the students’ flow of thought and the flow of conversation for the day.

Cultivating a love of learning with young people takes relationship, which takes time. We believe that conversation, mentors, and relationship exert a greater influence on students – upper secondary school students in particular – than a grade-level textbook does. Such relationships determine how well and how deeply the student will engage in learning. You never know when the “fire will fall” in a given concept, subject, or truth. We call these moments “Pentecost-like” moments, and include not only balancing chemical equations or seeing vice and virtue in literature, but also the times when pride is broken, when blindness gives way to light, when humility enters in, when greater dependence on the Lord is required, or when the love of one’s neighbour wins over the love of self. These moments do not follow a syllabus or a time clock.

If you are sceptical, we encourage you to visit a local community and sit in on the conversation. Discover the beauty of a day of conversation around great content, where textbooks are only part of an education, with a mentor who models a love for learning and the skills needed to learn anything.

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