Why does Classical Conversations teach physical science in Challenge I, when other curricula recommend a different sequence?

9 August 2021

Many contemporary curricula introduce physical science in Year 9, biology in Year 10, chemistry in Year 11, and physics in Lower 6th. Students who complete physics by Upper 6th, as in Classical Conversations, are better equipped to handle the maths associated with those sciences because their maths skills are further developed and their reasoning skills are more advanced. Students need to be comfortable with the skills of Algebra II in order to solve chemistry equations. Students in other curricula are often encouraged to take chemistry and Algebra II concurrently. The problem with this approach is that they are being asked to apply algebra skills before they have mastered them thoroughly. The same pattern follows in physics. By following the traditional scope and sequence, Classical Conversations students are introduced to prerequisite maths skills ahead of time, at each level.

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