My CC Journey – Mariska Ferreira, George

26 August 2021

A beautiful orchard full of life!

Mariska Ferreira: Foundations and Essentials Director George Community (2019-2021) So we discovered Classical Conversations, and became convinced that it was exactly the education we desired for our children. Delighted that our search for the right curriculum had come to an end, but then came the dreadful question…

Who would direct it, who would take responsibility to organize and steward the community, so that our children can benefit from the rich and beautiful experiences of a CC community? I was the only one standing. My husband and I made up our minds, that even if we had to do it alone, we were going to do CC! So, I said yes to the call and grabbed the bull by the horns. With amazing support and encouragement from the greater CC family in South Africa, the Classical Conversations Community in George was conceived.

I spoke to a few moms and after many cups of coffee, we had a Foundations community of twelve children. What an amazing learning curve! After the first year we grew to 40 children in Foundations and 22 in Essentials, and still growing. Established in the vital, nourishing soil of prayer and faith, the continual watering system from the broader CC South Africa family, and the inevitable pruning of being in close community with other homeschooling families, the George CC community is being shaped into a healthy, ever growing orchard.

You too can do it! All you need to do is discover the beauty and value of Classical Conversations, and decide to make it your own, no matter what! Prayerfully and faithfully taking one step at a time… and what seemed impossible will become your testimony of God’s provision and favour.

I believe that Classical Conversations glorifies God, shapes our characters and transforms our children into mature lovers of God, of life, and of learning. Being part of the cheerleading team is a privilege and seeing the fruit of small, faith filled steps is not only encouraging, but extremely rewarding.

All the glory to God who is able to take our yes, and turn it into a beautiful orchard full of life!

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