My CC Journey – Sophie Berndt Challenge I Director

11 September 2021

Michael, our laat-lammetjie, and I started CC in Oct 2017 in the lovely community of Potchefstroom. By February 2018 I was happily roped into being a Foundations Masters tutor. I discovered how easily these kids memorise things that are put to song! We were singing a lot around the house – what a joy! My Masters group consisted mainly of slightly older kids who had started CC late, but wanted a grounding before jumping into Challenge. So within 1.5 years we worked through the memory work of all 3 cycles (meeting during the holidays as well). Two of the students even achieved Memory Masters!

Most of the original group of Masters kids have since been with me through Challenges A, B and now 1. We are the only Challenge class in our community, so I feel somewhat like a trial-blazer, although there is an amazing network of Challenge directors on Facebook and on CC Connected (and now also on MeWe) who are always ready to offer ideas, resources, class tips and class notes. They are also quick to answer my questions when I need help. 

This journey as director has been hard work, but so rewarding and enriching! I have met amazing families and kids and I have learnt so many things along the way (even though I am already in my 50s ;-)). CC has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing education. I love how CC highlights “Knowing God” through everything that we study: not just through the study of the natural world, but that God reveals Himself through math and the grammar of language, and logic, and even through literature.

I also love the simplicity of teaching by just learning to ask good questions. I still struggle a bit with this, as I tend to want to have all the answers ready for the students. But WONDER is a powerful motivator to want to know more, so if we end class WONDERING about something, that is a WIN. My great take-away is that I have gotten to know Michael so much better through the deep discussions and questions that the CC Challenge program has encouraged us to tackle. 

I am SO excited to see homeschooling and CC grow in RSA! It has been an amazing journey for us, and I trust it will be for many families going forward. What a blessing to have access to a ready-made, well-researched, God-centered curriculum and a community of like-minded families to share the journey with!


Sophie Berndt – Challenge I Director

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