Overwhelmed or Resourced

17 November 2021

This time of the year always seems to pick up pace in my world. I made up a statement in my early working years which said, “By the time it’s October it’s already December!”

That seems to still sum it up.

I’m not really sure why it is, but the wrapping up of a year is like trying to gift-wrap a porcupine – so many ends to tie up and not enough ribbon! To be vulnerable is almost involuntary for me by this stage. I couldn’t hold it all in perfect tension if I tried – there’s too much to hold!

Then I see the foot of the cross… where Jesus asks us to come lay it all down… and I begin to wonder how much of it I picked up without His grace and how much He gave me as a burden to bear with Him whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light.

Controlling the world is exhausting. Loving the world is exhausting. But, exhaustion is not the issue in itself because every year takes every inch of our capacity. The question is whether we’re spending ourselves on what burdens Father’s heart, or simply on things we’ve picked up along the way. Are we feeling pressure to pick up burdens which don’t belong to us?

Loving anyone on purpose is always a ‘God’ choice – I’m not debating that – but carrying the emotions that are part and parcel of loving people as He does, without laying them at His feet, and not asking Him how He wants to see them loved can punch a leak into our reserves when we’re caught off guard and cause the wheels to come off the cart in times of pressure.

Sure, many loose ends need to be tied up at the end of a year – even without extra burdens off-balancing the load – but our outlet shouldn’t be forced by an accidental leak. We have full and free access to the Throne Room of grace where we will find rest for our souls, wisdom for complex situations, freedom from unnecessary baggage and capacity for more than we ever thought possible! He is the river of life, from whom all streams of life flow. The perfect source.

May the end of 2021 find you wrapped in Father’s arms or on His lap or dancing with His Spirit of joy… whatever it takes for this year to bring Him the glory due His name and leave you with courage for a new story next year!


Written by Chelene Salzwedel, Homeschool mom and CC Foundations Director

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