Physical Science – 3rd Ed Student Notebook


  • Suggested Daily Schedule at the front of the notebook
  • “What To Do” sections, with a breakdown of the assignments, detailing exactly what to do each day, with checkoff boxes for the tasks
  • Note-taking pages that contain prompts to help teach the student how to pull out pertinent information from the text
  • Graphic Organizers to cue students to important content for their notes
  • Pages to copy definitions for the vocabulary words within each daily section of the module
  • Space to record their results from the “You Do Science” activities
  • Space to record answers to the On Your Own questions, which help the students make sure they comprehend the text before moving on
  • Module Study Guides with space to answer the questions. These questions serve as review and preparation for the tests
  • “Personal Notes” pages where students record their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual reactions to what they are learning
  • Experiment and Lab Report pages with detailed instructions guiding students through the scientific method, analysis of results, and a continuation from General Science, 3rd Edition, in completing writing both informal and formal lab reports.
  • Science Research Paper in Module 15, with step-by-step instructions including space to write notes and the paper.

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