The American Experience Storybook


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This delightful collection of history stories will whisk readers back to the old centuries in which they were written. Specially researched and compiled by Classical Conversations, this book contains an introduction on learning from a flawed world, short biographies of each historical “character,” informative and fun footnotes, and—of course—stories! These easy-to-read tales encourage readers to explore the lives and virtues of men and women like George Washington, Dolly Madison, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The American Experience Storybook is a positive look at American heroes that can be shared with and enjoyed by the entire family.

    • Paperback
    • 328 pages
    • © 2019

If you would like to download The Broader American Experience Storybook, Parts I and II for free (The full versions as well as individual stories!) please click here.

You can also access the free Book Club Guide and Resource List by clicking.

Errata sheet for the Copper Lodge Library: THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE STORYBOOK available here.

Additional supporting documents available here.

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How to Coax Your New Book to Lay Flat

Place the book with its back on a table.
Open the front cover.
Then open the back cover.
Open a few pages in the front, gently pressing along the spine.
Then open a few pages at the back of the book in the same way.
Continue opening pages, alternating between the front and back, until the book is fully open. Gently press along the center spine.


You may need to repeat this process two or three times to limber up the binding. Never force the spine or handle your book roughly as that may break the back and cause pages to (eventually) come loose.

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