The beauty of learning in community

3 August 2021

Communité is an old French word , which as you Latin students know is derived from communitus cum: “with/together,” plus munus: “gift” Absolutey! Community is the gift of being together!

As much as we may think we as individuals are islands , or maybe feel so due to the covid season, a good community, like a beautiful garden, invites us in to enjoy what’s already established, beckons us to draw nearer and add in our unique beauty, to dig deep into the soil, plant, water, grow and eat from it’s fruit together! It builds us up body, soul and spirit.

What a lush garden the families of Classical Conversations make, who contribute weekly and enrich all by sharing their valuable gifts and talents. On community days and at home we offer our children the excellent content of the curriculum while swinging, climbing and resting on the branches of real and raw called learning and growing. We grow in living out the fruit of the spirit. We grow in the knowledge that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that our journey is different to the one next to us, and it’s beautiful.

Together, we grow in wisdom and virtue by nourishing ourselves and our children’s souls on truth,goodness, and beauty so that they are better able to know and enjoy themselves, others and God.

We lift up and encourage each other, laugh so much our cheeks hurt and at times we also cry.

Relationships in community, in all their beauty, bring with them the inevitable opportunity to be disappointed with either ourselves or someone else. Most often when we experience failure and disappointment, we have no choice but to turn to God in transparency and vulnerability and to spur each other onwards in our Christian walk. Through all these experiences we are offered the occasion to be sanctified and anchored in our true hope. What a gift!

Community learning in its fullness is a mysterious web of obligation that holds us accountable, calls for our participation, supports and challenges our individuality. As many a Christian parent will attest, it is one of the most fundamental longings of our hearts.

The Classical Conversations program is built upon the classical education model that has stood the test of time. What makes it truly unique from any other program is not only the high standard of academic work, but the connection and involvement of families learning together, because life learning and academic learning are not separate, they are intertwined. We call it our life long learning journey.

Let’s rise to the occasion!


by Liesel Abadir ‘CC 2021

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